Volume #9 Apr 2019 - May 2019

New Serving Group

Last week we welcomed EnTact LLC (https://entact.com) as a serving group. But we still need new groups to

serve monthly, quarterly or sporadically. Contact Pat Beck for more information.

How long has your group been serving with us? Several have been with us from our beginnings at the park. Let

Mary Parker know so we can acknowledge your service on Facebook.

Serving Notes

We are serving 1-3 clients per day at the back door picnic table. These are folks who decline CAPSLO’s “help”.

If the buzzer rings, someone else wants a meal back there. Add their count on the calendar, too.

The bus arrives late sometimes; please wait until 12:20 to begin 2nds so late comers can get fed, too.

40Prado staff only accepts salads in sealed packaging.

Please check our supplies before you leave; call Mary Parker is we are low on something.

The rolled up rubber mat is to be used to prevent slipping on the concrete floor.

If your group has any problem meeting your commitment, please don’t call Prado;

Contact Pat Beck: pbeck8833@gmail.com , phone 805-235-9712 OR

Contact Mary Parker: mnparker539@gmail.com , phone 805- 544-8047

Check our website at www.slopeopleskitchen.org