The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #8 Aug - Sep 2018  

We’re serving many more clients lately

We are running 20+/day over a year ago, so be prepared to ration out the food until all the first timers have been served.  For the latest, “follow” our Facebook page where Mary posts the weekly count:


New 40Prado Center is Progressing – Opening This Fall

70+ PK volunteers took one of three tours of the new facility.  It is very spacious & airy with lots of windows for natural light; however we noted some potential problems that your board will work with CAPSLO to resolve.  They plan to move into it over Labor Day, but that could change as late as Thanksgiving if serious problems crop up.  The first groups to serve will have to be flexible & understanding.  Members of your Board will be there to help work out last minute kinks. 

New Board Member

We welcome Kathy Myers to the PK Board; an ESL instructor at Cuesta.  She replaces Sue Sverchek, is now an Emeritus Board Member, after publishing this Newsletter faithfully for many years.  We wish them both all the best.

Serving Notes

If your group has a problem meeting your commitment, please don’t call Prado; contact Pat or Mary (below) directly.  We can arrange for help or to cover for you; staff at Prado has too much on their hands already.


If you have a potential new serving group, or problems making your scheduled date --

Contact Pat Beck: or call 805-235-9712 for help with all calendar questions

If you’re shorthanded & need additional help, or if you have other questions --

Contact Mary Parker: or call 805- 544-8047 for general questions




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