The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #5 August – September 2016  

 From the Board of Directors

At the first of August a new CAPSLO Medically Fragile Program begins.  This will start with one client and extend to six.  People in this program will have been discharged from the hospital and have nowhere to go as they continue their recovery.  To fill this need beds will be available at the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter where they can rest and recover. There will be staff available to help them navigate the increasingly challenging system of scheduling follow-up appointments that are meant to help them improve their physical health. A case manager will ensure that they follow up with primary care, drug/alcohol, and mental health appointments along with providing transportation, all of which will further insure success in their recovery.  People’s Kitchen has been asked to provide the food for this program. CAPSLO will supply the paper goods and deliver the food to these medically fragile clients.   When you arrive at Prado the staff will let you know the number of meals needed for these clients.   This is another opportunity for PK to feed people who are often unable to get to Prado for our noon meal allowing us to further our Mission of Feeding the Hungry.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions and/or concerns.


New Service Center

In the next month bids will go out to build the new center. Ground breaking should happen by the end of this year. It is hoped that the new center will be completed by summer 2017.

Annual Volunteer Meeting October

An agenda will be coming out closer to the meeting.  This is an opportunity for any and all volunteers to share what is working, what aren’t, ideas, and suggestions; PK is an effective group because of all of its volunteers.  Mark your calendar early so that you can attend.


Details to Note

·   Prado Day Center has new staff and Shawn Ison has requested to let us know if you have any issues with a staff member so she can quickly attend to that issue.

·   We have made some additions in our safe handling of food for fruits and vegetables.  Group leaders please check these on our website.  Again, for questions call us.  Cold water and plain ice tea are much appreciated on hot days.  Please refill the water pitchers and place on the PK shelf in the refrigerator.  If you should find there are not enough containers and if you have time, clean several milk jugs with hot slightly soapy water and rinse well then fill with fresh water.  Please label these clean jugs WATER with a sharpie marker. Thank you!

·   We are expecting many warm to hot days in August and September and with them flies.  As much as possible, it helps to keep the doors closed. Use the orange rubber stopper for a small opening to the hallway.  Use the fan to help keep volunteers as cool as possible.

·   During Vacation Time please be sure to let us know if you have made any substitutions in your group coordinator.

·   Call Pat Beck for help with all calendar questions and Mary Parker for general questions.