The People’s Kitchen
San Luis Obispo
Volume 29 #5 October – November 2015

From the Board of Directors

The People’s Kitchen is currently in the process of formal mediation with CAPSLO. The City of San Luis Obispo is providing the mediator for both People’s Kitchen and CAPSLO. The goal is to find a resolution that will allow both organizations to fulfill their missions.

Volunteer Meeting Oct 14 at 3:30

Please plan to attend this annual meeting. An agenda will be sent out ahead of time At this time we will discuss important issues, one being our declining numbers and we will have the results of our survey to share. Another issue is the handling of suspended clients. This is an important time for the board and volunteers to discuss both of these issues together. NOTE Please let us know what other times would work for volunteers to attend a meeting so that we have as many ideas as possible.
Thank you!

People’s Kitchen Mission …
To feed the hungry a hot noon meal.

PK has been successful well over thirty years because of the dedication of many volunteers ever since we began serving meals. Throughout all those years our simple mission has stayed the same. We have 42 all volunteer groups that, by working together, provide a valuable resource to our hungry people in our community. It is truly remarkable considering the valuable gifts of time and resources with absolutely no financial cost to the city. Our volunteers are amazing!

Serving Notes

• Cold water – clients have been drinking a lot of our refrigerated water especially on hot days. Please be sure to refill all of the jugs and return them to the PK refrigerator shelves.
• Utensils - remember to wrap only the utensils that clients will need for your particular meal in a napkin before you begin to serve. The wrapped utensils do not slow down the line as well as preventing the spread of germs.

Please let us know if you have any question regarding the calendar. Pat Beck, calendar coordinator, can be reached at or at 541-2080; Board President Mary Parker is available at, 544-8047.