The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume 31 April May 2016


Thank you all for working with us on the suspended lunch program. CAPSLO staff, PK volunteers and suspended clients have all found the changes to be very successful. In fact, staff is engaging with more of the suspended clients and three of them have done the necessary work to be able to come back and get services. This supports our mission – to feed the hungry.

You may have noticed that we often have a great deal of milk in the refrigerator, often times it is overflowing. Please let your serving groups know they can bring four gallons of milk for the time being.

The new SLO Police Chief, Deanna Cantrell, attended our Board meeting in March. We shared the history of People’s Kitchen along with our Mission to feed the hungry.  We think we will work well together.

Again, thank you all for being such great volunteers; the work you do adds up to a huge contribution to our community.

If you have scheduling questions please contact Pat Beck: (805) 235-9712 or For other questions contact Mary Parker: (805) 440.2312 or