The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #8 April – May 2018  

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Serving Groups Still Needed in 2018

We still have several days open in 2018 for any potential new group to try serving before they commit to a schedule.  See our web site for info on starting a group & how to cook for 80±. If you need extra help wrapping plasticware & serving, call Mary; she has individuals offering to help.


Carry Out Lunches for the Suspended Clients

We’re still making lunches for the staff to hand out at 1:00, but check the board to see if fewer than 10 were required the previous day. If your group cannot make your date, call Pat Beck ASAP so we can sub for you.

In March we served 2278 first time meals



If you have a potential new serving group, or problems making your scheduled date --

Contact Pat Beck: or call 805-235-9712 for help with all calendar questions

If you’re shorthanded & need additional help, or if you have other questions --

Contact Mary Parker: or call 805- 544-8047 for general questions