Volume #5   October – November 2016  


Annual Volunteer meeting

Wednesday, October 26 4:30 PM at Prado Day Center

All volunteers are welcome and encouraged to attend. We have found this a great opportunity to hear from fellow volunteers; what works well, what doesn’t, ideas, questions and suggestions. We have 42 different serving groups of people and it is fun to meet people working in different groups that all have the same mission to accomplish the same goal; feed hungry people a hot meal at noon every day of the year.  An agenda will soon be sent. Please send a reminder to all of your volunteers so they can mark their calendars. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE our numbers are up a bit so please prepare food for at least 80.


Calendar Notes and Scheduling Dates

Our Calendar coordinator Pat Beck reports that we have openings. This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who would like to help people in need. Do you know any young professionals interested in giving back to their community? The open dates include: October 15 and 30, November 24 or 28, and December 22, 30 or 31. Each of these dates needs food prepared for 80 people with 5 people to serve the meal at noon on their chosen date. We can help with getting started. Please email Pat Beck if you are interested. You can look on the website for easy menus and ideas as well as learning a bit more about PK.  Also Pat is looking for a group of 4 people to serve the food provided by French Hospital on the last Tuesday of the odd months.

The odd month dates for 2016 are: November 29th. 

The dates for 2017 are: January 31st, March 28th, May 30th, July 25th, and September 26th, and November 28th.


Suspended Lunches and Medically Fragile Lunches


Serving these meals continues to go well which is good news.  We prepare our regular meal for these clients. If any medically fragile clients have special dietary restrictions CAPLO will take care of those particular meals. PK will use only its regular menu for suspended clients and medically fragile patience that do not have special dietary needs.

 Details regarding procedures for getting these meals ready are posted on the microwave.  PLEASE NOTE – Everyone needs to know that the special clamshell and cylinder containers as well as the commercially wrapped utensils are ONLY to be used for these meals. These boxes are labeled.  Higher costs for these products are the reason we do not want to use them for any other reason including leftovers, so it is important to let your serving friends know this. Thank you!

                                               Update on New Services Center


In the next month bids will go out to build the new center. Ground breaking should happen by the end of this year. It is hoped that the new center will be completed by summer 2017.


As our community continues to grow we continue ourwork. To all of our People’s Kitchen volunteers, donors and friends:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please Note The New Mailing Address for PK


SLO People’s Kitchen

793 Foothill Blvd. Suite A 322

San Luis Obispo CA 93405



·   Call Pat Beck for help with all calendar questions and Mary Parker for general questions.