The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #7 February-March 2017  

More Guests than Usual

We have been averaging about 85-90 per meal, but now our numbers are up.  The increase may be temporary, but check our Facebook page for the latest week’s numbers.  Mary Parker posts weekly numbers at “Like” us on to get notified of updates.

Recuperative Care & Suspended Lunches

The take-out boxes have become important for more & more clients who can’t come to our regular lunch line. The Recuperative Care Program serves people who have been released from the hospital into bed rest.  It is important to remember to fill 14-16 boxes before you run out of food.  Staff doesn’t always check the refrigerator, so please put salads on top of the portable cooler before you leave.  Write the number of boxes filled on the board next to the kitchen door for the next group.

Serving Groups Needed for 17 Days in 2017

Our serving groups provide a hot lunch 364 days a year; each serves from once a year up to several times a month.  We have several open days available if your group can expand your service.  If you know of anyone thinking about forming a group, refer them to our web site  for tips on how to get started.  The web site also includes easy recipes for nutritious meals.  We will work with you to assist in any difficulties getting up to speed.

Got a photo of your group?

Email it to Mary Parker for posting :


·    Call Pat Beck  or call 805-235-2030 for help with all calendar questions & Mary Parker  or call 805- 544-8047 for generalquestions.