The People’s Kitchen
San Luis Obispo

Volume 31 # February - March 2016

From the Board of Directors

Our recent change in serving suspended lunches has gone remarkably well. This is new for all of us board members servers, hosts and clients. Thanks to all of you for helping get a hot meal to all hungry people. Here is a brief review of the details.


Serving Notes Suspended Lunches

When any client is suspended from the Prado Day Center they may now receive a hot meal. NOTE This is our mission; to feed hungry people a hot meal at noon every day. Here are the details on how we do this …

* When your group arrives with food prepare 8 hot meals to serve suspended clients. As we knew it would the number varies, as we need more meals on sunny days than rainy days. We are working closely with CAPSLO and our host/hostess to prepare the correct number.

* Look for the special “clam shell” containers located under and to the left of the microwave. There is a special cooler in the same area for these lunches. A special warming stone helps to keep the food hot. Simply place the stone in the microwave to heat it (directions on the box). Once warm, put the stone in the cooler. The filled food trays can be placed in the cooler with the stone

* Use the cylindrical containers with lids for soup or really juicy main items.

*Cold items like salad and fresh fruit can be placed in the refrigerator until it is time to take the food outside.

* Be sure to check that you have packed a utensil set for each lunch.

* The Host for the day is asked to stay and go with the Prado staff person at 1:00 PM to assist them with giving out the lunches. Welcome the client and ask them to be sure to put all of their used items and trash in the container. At 1:15 the Staff and PK Host will return to the kitchen. Return the cooler and the warming stone to their places. Any unclaimed meals will be taken care of by Prado staff.

* NOTE the serving group may leave earlier once they have finished serving

and cleaned up.


Other Details:

Our volunteers are very generous and sometimes ask why they cannot wrap food to go for any client. The short answer is “no.” It’s helpful to know why. PK has an agreement with the city and its Good Neighbor Policy to not have food taken off site due to trash and littering problems. Also, PK is responsible for food safety and carries a large insurance policy. We cannot control food temperature or contamination nor the possibility of food borne illnesses when food is taken off site. The lunches for suspended clients are carefully supervised as worked out during our recent mediation with CAPSLO and this is part of our agreement. Thank you


Volunteer Openings:

We now have openings for new serving group(s). Some dates are just for one time only and other could be on a regular basis. Each serving group does the following…they buy and prepare food for approximately 100 people and transport the cooked food to our Peoples Kitchen on Prado Road where they serve it at 12:00, then clean up, and take all of their pots and pans with them. We have groups that are new and some that have worked together for years. We are most willing to help new volunteers learn what we do as well as supporting them getting started.


If you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part in our work at PK have them contact:

 Pat Beck at or Mary Parker at .

Pat can also help with all calendar questions and Mary for any other questions.

Happy 2016 Valentine’s Day

Amazing Volunteers!