The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume 31 #4                June- July 2016

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Suspended Lunches A Success

 It took a lot of work to figure out all the details involved in getting a hot noon meal to our suspended clients and it is working very well for all involved. The clients both love and appreciate their delicious hot meals. We PK Volunteers are fulfilling of our mission to feed meal hungry people. Prado Day Center staff people say the process workswell for them. Plus, more good newssuspended clientsare getting back into to services that enablethem tomanage difficulties in their lives.  So, a huge thank you to all of you for all the little and big things you have done to help with this!  Below are some details to share with your groups.


•    How many Suspended lunches do we prepare each time we serve?  This varies. Check the white board we use to keep track the lunchesand look at the day before to give you number to use. You can also ask the Day Center staff person and they will have a good idea how many lunches to prepare.

•    For Suspended lunches please use only the supplies provided for those meals. These items are located below the two microwave ovens in the kitchen. These supplies are purchased for this purpose only. These items are the sectioned meal container with attached lid, the soup or salad cylinder with separate lid, and the factory wrapped utensils with napkins. Thanks for helping us keep the cost for these items as low as possible.

•    Directions for the heating stone are posted by the microwave. That stone, placed on the bottom of the cooler, really works well; the food stays really hot.  Cold items such as salad or fruit can be packed in the round containers and refrigerated until it is time to serve them.  If here are bananas you can set them aside and add with the cold items.

•    The Staff from the Day Centerwill come to take the wheeled food carrier out to the suspended clients at 1:00. If your group is finished feeding and cleaning up before then you may leave.


•          There no longer is a client microwaveon the square table in the dining room. If clients needs to use a microwave they may use the one in the Day Center.

•          Lunch is served at noon.  We feed anyone who is hungry but some come late so invite them to join us every day at noon. (There are snacks and food items available in the Day Center.)

•          Remember to set out a bottle of Lysol and a cleaning towel for the client(s) who will be wiping the table tops after your group leaves.

•          Hosts, if you have vacation days scheduled and need to miss your hosting day, please let Pat Beckor Mary Parker know as soon as possible. Thank you.

Volunteer Openings

We still have openings for serving new serving groups. The dates available are June 30 and other dates in October through December.   We are most willing to help new volunteers learn what to do to set up a serving group as well as supporting themin getting started.  If you know of anyone who might be interested have them contact Pat Beck at or Mary Parker atmnparker@pacbell.netPat can also help with all calendar questions and Mary for any other questions.