The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #8 Feb - March ‘18    

Serving Groups Still Needed in 2018

We continue to need additional serving groups for 2018, so you and a few friends can be a serving group - every month, every month, three times a year or whatever works for you.  We have several days open in 2017 for any new group to try it before they commit.  See our web site for info on starting a group & how to cook for ±80.   If you need extra help wrapping plasticware & serving, call Mary; she has individuals offering to help.

Kitchen Doors

Prado management has asked that we close both kitchen doors when we leave.  Anyone who’s supposed to be there can get a key from staff.  Sounds like things are disappearing.

Numbers are Steady

Each week Mary posts the numbers on our Facebook page:    

If you “Like” the page, you will get “Notifications” when there is new information posted. We served 2,273 first time meals in January!



If you have a potential new serving group, or problems making your scheduled date --

Contact Pat Beck:  or call 805-235-9712 for help with all calendar questions

If you’re shorthanded & need additional help, or if you have other questions

Contact Mary Parker:  or call 805- 544-8047 for general questions



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