The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #8 June - July 2018

Serving Group Signs
In the brown accordion folder, we have card stock signs to be placed next to the serving window. If your group
isn’t in there, let us know & we’ll make up one for you. We have a PK banner over the window now, but your
specific group needs to be acknowledged, too.

New Serving Groups
We have 3 new serving groups to fill in the gaps in our schedule. YWAM & WellSpring began; and we especially
want to thank the Islamic Society of SLO County for serving on Easter Sunday; a hard date to fill usually. We still
have several days open in 2018 for any potential new group to try serving before they commit to a schedule. See
our web site for info on starting a group & how to cook for ±80. If you need
extra help wrapping plasticware & serving, call Mary; she has individuals offering to help.

New 40 Prado Center is Progressing
It looks like we’ll have a tour of the facility in August to begin our planning. Date will be announced as soon as it’s
settled. Your Board will serve there at first until any kinks are worked through satisfactorily.

Serving Notes
We are entering fly season: we recommend covering the food & turning on the fan over the entry. We recommend
whole fat milk as it is more nutritious. (dietary cholesterol thinking has changed) We now have aluminum pans for
any leftovers that Prado can use later, or take to the night shelter.

If you have a potential new serving group, or problems making your scheduled date --
Contact Pat Beck: or call 805-235-9712 for help with all calendar questions
If you’re shorthanded & need additional help, or if you have other questions --
Contact Mary Parker: or call 805- 544-8047 for general questions