You can do something to directly help those who are hungry by creating a serving group and providing a meal through People’s Kitchen, a local 501c(3)  non-profit that has been serving a hot noon meal for more than 30 years.  Join with your family, friends, or co-workers and become a serving group.  It’s easy and rewarding.

People’s Kitchen serves a hot noon meal to the hungry of SLO 364 days a year.  Some groups serve each month, others serve every other month, some serve 3-4 times/year and others on special occasions.   Our groups come from local faith based groups, the hospitals, local businesses, and groups of friends/clubs.  Many have been serving with People’s Kitchen for over 25 years.  But we are always looking for new groups to make sure our daily meals will continue. 

The meals are provided at the Prado Day Center and the typical meal will serve from 80 - 100 people.  


How to form a Serving Group?

You will need 5 to 10 people to form a serving group.  Some members may want to contribute money, some may want to purchase food and others may want to actually cook and serve. 

Determine the meal you want to serve.  We have many suggestions on our website at  A typical meal might include:

4-5 gallons of milk
90 pieces of soft fruit
Main course (9 casseroles in a typical pan of 11” X 15”)
Dessert (optional)

Peoples Kitchen provides serving bowls and utensils as well as the paper goods for the meal.  People’s Kitchen also has a host/hostess there to help.

·         Some groups cook all together – this is especially true for groups that have access to a commercial kitchen

·         Others send out a list of what is needed and include a recipe for the main course and people sign up for what they will bring. 

·         Groups have also found it successful to have members bring their favorite casserole for the main course which results in a wide variety of dishes.

Each group can do whatever meal works but we ask that the meal include something hot as for some it will be the primary food they may have that day.  Others examples of meal include:

·         Hot soups, salad and sandwiches

·         Tacos/taco salad

·         Sloppy Joes and Salad


What should I do if I am thinking about creating a Serving Group

Please contact People’s Kitchen to discuss your plans and see what dates are available. 

          Patty Beck, PK Scheduler            805.235.9712 or

          Mary Parker, PK President          805.440.2312 or

We will invite you to come to another groups serving to get a sense of the operation of the noon meal at the Prado Day Center and to see what we have available to help your meal.  Once you have a group and a date, we will place you on the calendar and we will contact you a week prior with a reminder.  When you arrive to serve, there will be a host/hostess to help walk you through the meal and be available it you need anything.  We do not have cooking facilities at Prado so the meal must be prepared and delivered hot to the center, ready to serve.

This is a very rewarding experience and makes a real difference in the lives of those who are hungry in San Luis Obispo.  It can be a one time thing or you may find that your group would want to take on several days each year or become a regular group if openings on the calendar occur. 

Won’t you give it a try?