The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #7 August September 2017

Day Center Changes

As of June 1st, there were changes in the Prado Day Center due to changes in a HUD program. In order to continue to receive those funds, staff with be focused on the chronically homeless and mentally ill.   Prado staff will help clients set goals & a plan to progress toward self-sufficiency.  We will no longer be providing meals for the recuperative care program. Two CAPSLO volunteers have taken on that job using food from the Food Bank.  To clarify two rumors: Prado is NOT closing and the breakfast program is not being discontinued

Serving Groups Still Needed in 2017

We continue to need additional serving groups so if you and a few friends would like to be a serving group - every month, every other month, three times a year or whatever works for you.  If you know of anyone thinking about forming a group, refer them to our web site for tips on how to get started.  The web site also includes easy recipes for nutritious meals.  We will work with you to assist in any difficulties getting up to speed.

One idea, we are talking to several restaurants who can prepare the meals, if a new group can pick it up and serve it.  Think about whether any of the groups you’re in can take a long lunch to serve the hungry.


Take photo of your group

We find photos generate traffic to our Facebook page. We’d like pics of your lunch cuisine & of your serving group. Email them to Mary Parker for posting :

·         Contact Pat Beck:  or call 805-235-9712  for help with all calendar questions
Mary Parker:  or call 805- 544-8047  for general questions.

We served 2546 first time lunches in July!