The People’s Kitchen

San Luis Obispo

Volume #8 October November 2017

New Day Center

They are framing the new center at 40 Prado; it could be running next spring!!  We will have our own entrance to the lunch room so the current Prado restrictions should not apply to our guests; the current drop in numbers (see below) should be partially corrected.

Serving Groups Still Needed in 2017

We continue to need additional serving groups for 2018 so if you and a few friends would like to be a serving group - every month, every month, three times a year or whatever works for you.  We have several days open in 2017 for any new group to try it before they commit.

Volunteer Information Meeting November 14

We will meet with the PK board to discuss the current issues and answer questions from the serving groups.  There are changes happening, so please send a representative.

For instance, we had a scare when the Health Dept. contacted us about a complaint from a guest.  The board met with them & we learned “safe handling” rules.  We commend all the groups that this is the only mark on our record – KEEP IT UP!  Several Southern Cal cities have restricted the sharing of home cooked food. 

Take photo of your group

We find photos generate traffic to our Facebook page. We’d like pics of your lunch cuisine & of your serving group. Email them to Mary Parker for posting :

·         Contact Pat Beck:  or call 805-235-9712  for help with all calendar questions
Mary Parker:  or call 805- 544-8047  for general questions.

We served 2569 first time lunches in August and 1770 meals in September!


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