Volume #9 June 2019 - July 2019  

Still Need New Serving Groups

We still need new groups to serve monthly, quarterly or sporadically; specifically for 4th Tuesday of  even months. Contact Pat Beck for more information.  If your group is considering retiring, we’d appreciate an early warning. There are things we can do to make the job easier.

 There is also a need for another hostess to help groups should problems arise.

 How long has your group been serving with us? We haven’t kept our history current.  Let Mary Parker know so we can acknowledge your service on Facebook.

 So Many Locks!

Sorry for that, but our PK supplies were being used by other groups at a high rate. Please remember to lock them back up and check our supplies before you leave; call Mary Parker if we are low on something.  If you empty a box, break it down for recycling.


 Serving Notes

The rolled up rubber mat is to be used to prevent slipping on the concrete floor.  Ask Prado staff to help if it’s not rolled out.

If you just drop off food for your group, be advised we cannot cook at Prado. 

Sandals, flip-flops & open toes shoes are NOT appropriate for serving, even in summer.

We are pleased with how well the groups made the transition to the new center.  Congrats!


If your group has any problem meeting your commitment, please don’t call Prado;

Contact Pat Beck: pbeck8833@gmail.com, phone 805-235-9712        OR

Contact Mary Parker: mnparker539@gmail.com, phone 805-440.2312

Mary posts the weekly numbers on our Facebook page; check there for the latest count.