Volume #9 Aug 2019 - Sep 2019  

Still Need New Serving Groups

We still need new groups to serve monthly, quarterly or sporadically; contact Pat Beck for available dates & other information.  If  your group is considering retiring, we’d appreciate an early warning. There are things we can do to make your job easier.   We have restaurants who can prepare food, but cannot actually serve it.  We have groups willing to serve, but have no kitchen facility.  Contact Pat Beck (below) to get matched up with the extra help you need.


There is also a need for another hostess to help groups when problems arise.


Many More Locks!

 Sorry for that, but our PK supplies were being used by other groups at a high rate. We now have installed 4 locked cabinets for storing bulk supplies in the back room.   Please remember to lock them back up and check our supplies before you leave; call Mary Parker if we are low on something.  If you empty a box, break it down for recycling.

 Serving Notes

The concrete floor can be very slippery, so we need the rubber mats down in the kitchen area. If the cleaning crew forgets, ask Prado staff  to get a client to roll them out, so no one gets hurt.

Some days we serve non-CAPSLO clients outside the kitchen.  Besides noting them on the calendar, please let the counter know to include them in the overall count.


We have made provision with CAPSLO management for 10 to-go lunches for suspended clients each day.  If that number grows, we need to re-negotiate our policy.  Let the staff  know that they need to request more from the PK Board, so we can provide more supplies.


Cattaneo Bros have donated  Linguica to PK for our groups to prepare; contact Mary Parker (below) to arrange for your share.


If your group has any problem meeting your commitment, please don’t call Prado;

Contact Pat Beck: pbeck8833@gmail.com, phone 805-235-9712        OR

Contact Mary Parker: mnparker539@gmail.com, phone 805-440-2312

Check our website at www.slopeopleskitchen.org


Our clientele has been consistent for the last few months.