Volume #9 Feb 2019 - Mar 2019  

40Prado Center Glitches Resolved

Congratulations to everyone as the transition to 40Prado went much smoother than many feared.

Non-CAPSLO clients who wish lunch are now sent around to the back where there’s a table by the door. 

    Please list their number on the calendar with the regular count.  When it rains, many show up there.

There is room in the refrigerator since we now have our own.

Missing serving dishes have been located; we are now washing them ourselves; large sink in back can be used.

The low count of clients solved; staff is now counting & watching the line.

Volunteer Meeting – Jan 15, 2019

The well attended volunteer meeting at 40Prado is documented in the Minutes attached to Mary Parker’s 1/17 email.  Lois Crotser took detailed notes; so please review them to refresh yourself.  We discussed tips for making service easier & quicker, the different rules for the new facility, and common questions some groups are asking.

Serving Notes

To double check the count, set out 100 plates initially & count how many are left after all 1st’s are served. 

Our “to go” containers are more expensive; please use only for the 10 lunches for the suspended clients. 

Clients asking for extra helpings should be told to wait until 2nd’s are called (hostess can help). 

Some groups have more volunteers than fit in the prep area; they can relieve the counter, or wrap utensils to save us money over the prewrapped ones.


We need new serving groups monthly, quarterly and sporadically.  Contact Pat Beck if you have a lead.

If your group has any problem meeting your commitment, please don’t call Prado;

Contact Pat Beck: pbeck8833@gmail.com, phone 805-235-9712        OR

Contact Mary Parker: mnparker539@gmail.com, phone 805- 544-8047

We served 2,777 First Time Meals in Jan. This reflects an increase of 500 meals from 2018